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TECHINIT S.r.l. operates in the belief that business success is closely linked to customer satisfaction and the quality of the products offered. Therefore, in order to achieve greater effectiveness in the business and better internal efficiency, the Management of TECHINIT S.r.l., having assessed the context in which the Company operates and the requirements of the relevant Interested Parties, outlines the Quality Policy as follows:

  • Propose to the market innovative solutions to customer needs, in order to pursue their satisfaction;
  • Produce technological systems that are reliable, resolving existing problems, innovative in concept, of excellent quality;
  • Engage in the continuous innovation of the products presented and of the sector and in the presentation to the customer;
  • Maintain and improve internal and external technical skills as well as the efficiency of the laboratories;
  • Provide a pre-post sales consultancy service that highlights the real qualitative characteristics of the product and its possible and varied applications;
  • Provide an effective service that considers the issues related to order fulfillment, its OEM customization, its packaging to be fundamental;
  • Establish relationships with customers on availability and courtesy as well as problem-solving;
  • Commit to the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management system through the involvement of staff;
  • Promote the application and continuous improvement of the Quality System.

This policy will contribute significantly to guaranteeing the seriousness, professionalism, improvement of the effectiveness and efficiency of the Company's activities.
All staff are committed to achieving this policy and to operate according to the Quality System adopted in accordance with the company's objectives.
The Quality Manager is responsible for maintaining the Quality System in compliance with the set objectives and the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard.

Albignasego, 12 September 2017 The Management

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