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All plumbing sectors have undergone deep renovations in recent years, except for one: copper pipes for refrigerant fluids transportation. FastPipe® is the innovation that breaks this cliché and simplifies the installation of an air conditioning system. Find how!

  • FastPipe® is flexible: it easily adapts to any bend and corner.
  • FastPipe® is light: practical and quick to handle, but also to be inserted into the duct or under the wall.
  • FastPipe® is tested and certified: TÜV Austria continuous controls are our evidence of product's quality and reliability.
  • FastPipe® is durable: while copper tubing can be easily damaged on site, FastPipe® resists typical construction site inconveniences such as being stepped on or pinched. 
  • FastPipe® KIT is ready to use, already connected and tested: no more leaking flares, FastPipe® is ready to use to complete the installation in a minute. 
  • FastPipe® SYSTEM satisfies every installation requirements, you can cut it as you want and connect it in an instant. 

Competitive advantages of FastPipe®



FastPipe® adapts to any bend and corner with ease. Do you have to go around a column? Or do you have to go through a cavity and don't know how to do it with the copper piping? Do you have to install an air conditioner in a historic building and the walls are full of curves and interruptions? Discover how easy it is to handle FastPipe®: you will feel like laying an electric cable, it has never been so easy!



50 m 3/8" roll is only.. 6.5 Kgs! This lightness is essential when, for example, the installation must be done at the fifth floor of a building with no lift. Or if you have to drag the pipe over a false ceiling. Laying FastPipe® in channel or going through is a child's play!


Tested and Certified

You're always afraid that the copper tube you are buying is bad, aren't you? FastPipe® is 100% MADE IN  ITALY, production is 100% tested (both KITs and SYSTEM, as well as all accessories) and the Product is periodically subjected to tests by external bodies that allow the upkeeping of TÜV Austria certification



Bending copper pipe is not easy: sometimes you are in awkward positions, with little operating space and the result is that the pipe is pinched and you have to cut the pipe to replace the damaged piece, with an increase in time and costs. FastPipe®, in addition to being flexible, is very resistant and even if it is incorrectly pinched it does not lose its capabilities, not compromising the functionality of the air conditioning system.


Ready to use

FastPipe® KITs is a real pret-à-porter solution: open the bag, spray a drop of oil on the fitting and, once fixed to the air conditioning units, you are ready to complete the installation. Never seen such a fast job, right?



FastPipe® SYSTEM is for all tastes. Long or short, straight or with a thousand curves, SYSTEM can be of many shapes and sizes. With FastPipe® you are sure to cover all your needs and, above all, you do it with little effort, quickly and efficiently. Cut the pipe as you want, screw the fitting, crimp it and that's it!

Choose between the FastPipe® SYSTEM or FastPipe® KITs

Have you decided it is... time to save time, and do less effort, and want to start working with FastPipe®? You can choose between FastPipe® SYSTEM, consisting of rolls, fittings and accessories, which cuts on site and connects as you wish, or FastPipe® KITs, the quick solution consisting of already connected and tested pipes, great for completing an installation in the shortest time possible.

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