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Valid for Fastpipe® (FastPipe System and FastPipe® Kit) and other Techinit products for installation of FastPipe® piping in HVAC systems.

This warranty applies to any installation made with FastPipe® or OEM products made private label by Techinit S.r.l. Any claim under this limited warranty must be submitted to Techinit S.r.l. in strict accordance with the warranty claim procedure attached hereto.

Subject to the terms and conditions of this Limited Warranty, Techinit S.r.l. warrants to the purchaser that the FastPipe® products (FastPipe® System and FastPipe® Kit) listed below will be free from defects in materials and workmanship and conform to the stated specifications only when used as specified in the FastPipe® Installation Manual and when installed as part of an HVAC system by a qualified technician.

Unless otherwise specified, this Limited Warranty for applicable FastPipe® system products will run from the date of purchase of the product ("Start Date") and will expire after the following:

  • Twelve months (1 year) for FastPipe® (FastPipe® System and FastPipe® Kit) which includes piping, fittings, and tools sold by Techinit for the installation of FastPipe®, to be used exclusively for the installation of FastPipe®.
  • Sixty months (5 years) from the date of purchase exclusively for the FastPipe® pipe (and not for the fittings installed on it), in the event that it fails to withstand the pressure of 40 bar (580 psi) in nitrogen, thus covering the cost of repair or replacement. Since the fitting is necessarily tampered with for installation and not controllable by Techinit, the fitting and damage to it are explicitly excluded from the warranty.

For purposes of this Warranty, the use of FastPipe® piping, FastPipe® fittings, and accessories sold by Techinit S.r.l. for the installation of FastPipe® in combination with each other shall constitute a "FastPipe® system." Exclusions from the limited warranty:

This Limited Warranty applies only if FastPipe® products:

  • are selected, configured and installed by a certified (F-Gas license) and licensed HVAC/R piping installer according to instructions provided by Techinit S.r.l. For reference, training materials for the FastPipe® system can be found online at ;
  • Are not exposed to temperatures and/or pressures that exceed the usage limits printed on the FastPipe® pipe or in the FastPipe® installation manual;
  • Are not moved, pulled, or deformed beyond the limits indicated in the manual (e.g., bending radii, stresses on the fitting, etc.); and
  • The limited warranty is valid if there is evidence of the effective date, to be identified as the purchase of the hose,
  • there is no detectable evidence of misuse, tampering, mismanagement, negligence, accidental damage, or modification or repair without the prior written approval of Techinit S.r.l. Cases attributable to misuse of the FastPipe® system are specified through the video tutorial on the website and the FastPipe® manual. Every out-of-warranty case that is reported on the document is recognized as a misuse of the Product and releases Techinit S.r.l. from any kind of warranty, liability, costs, etc.
  • are installed in accordance with building, mechanical, HVAC piping, electrical and other requirements applicable at that time;

Techinit S.r.l., in the event of a warranty claim, will cover the costs directly associated with repairing the damaged product under warranty. This includes only the costs incurred for the physical repair or replacement of the tube itself. Techinit S.r.l. shall not be responsible for any incidental or additional costs, including but not limited to the removal of ordinary or valuable finishes, the use of special equipment necessary to access the damaged pipe, loss of income, additional expenses for the rental of temporary HVAC systems, inconvenience, or any other indirect costs or consequential damages, such as any other indirect costs or consequential damages to the damaged Product.

The warranty covers only the repair or replacement of the defective parts of the Product and does not extend to any collateral expenses or losses incurred as a result of the repair process. will not pay for any other additional costs or expenses, including but not limited to, transportation, relocation, labor, repairs or any other work associated with the removal and/or return of failed or defective products, installation of replacement products, personal injury or property damage, or damage resulting from mold or other environmental factors.

Damage and claims for compensation or indemnity for costs resulting from damage, of any kind, to air conditioning equipment or other components of the refrigeration system connected with FastPipe® are explicitly excluded.

Without limiting the foregoing, this Limited Warranty does not apply if the product failure or resulting damage is caused by:

  • faulty installation as determined by the FastPipe® manual or video tutorial
  • components not sold by Techinit S.r.l.
  • degeneration of the pipe due to exposure to ultraviolet light (soal light component)
  • external physical or chemical conditions, including, but not limited to, chemically corrosive or aggressive heat or pressure conditions
  • damage to the insulation, or failure to protect the insulation in all or part of the FastPipe® pipeline.
  • any operating conditions that are not within the specifications of the FastPipe® system.

The use of non-FastPipe® piping excludes all parts of the FastPipe ® system from the terms of this Limited Warranty. This exclusion does not include certain circumstances where FastPipe® piping is installed in conjunction with copper piping as may be required in residential and commercial HVAC applications.

Techinit S.r.l. declares that the Product is covered by Allianz Enterprise Liability insurance No. 753361051, relating to manufacturer's liability for defects in the Product and accessory components.

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